FAQ Page

Below, you'll find answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

Why do I need to complete the application form when my CV contains the information anyway?

The application form contains questions and asks for information about you that may not be included your CV. In the obvious sections where the information is provided on your CV, you can type 'refer to CV'.

Who will see my information?

Members of the People and Culture team may view your CV for recruitment purposes, along with the Recruiting Manager and interview panel members.

How (and why) is my information stored?

Your information is held confidentially and can only be accessed by the People and Culture team and the Recruiting Manager, so that they can inform you as suitable positions become available.

Will you send me an acknowledgement of my application?

After submitting your application via the online system, you'll receive an electronic confirmation that we have received your details and will be in touch with you shortly.