Quotes from our General Managers on Trustpower's Future Direction

'To realise our bright future, my team and I are growing our capability with new products like gas and LPG, as we also continue to enhance our telecommunications and electricity business. We will truly be a multi-utility one-stop-shop for our current and future customers.

No matter how much we grow though, some things will never change. We will continue to truly value and nurture our customer relationships and our relationships with each other. These values are a part of who we are at our core; they are a part of our DNA.'
Chris O’Hara
General Manager - Commercial Operations

'Having a Future Direction, known and owned by the entire company, inspires and encourages us all along the journey.

The Generation team understand that our work to maintain and enhance existing assets is crucial to Trustpower's exciting future. We're also committed to ensuring that new ventures create value and opportunities under a range of market scenarios.'

Deion Campbell
General Manager - Generation

'The People and Culture team are committed to Trustpower’s vision for the future. We see great opportunity for growth and development individually and organisationally.

We are passionate about creating an environment that supports innovation, collaboration, agility and high performance as we compete for the future.'

Melanie Dyer
General Manager - People & Culture

'Trustpower’s future vision guides everything my team and I do on a day-to-day basis. We use it to steer our priorities for growth in the business.

Our development of Wind Farms in Australia is a vital strand in Trustpower’s future.'
Peter Calderwood

General Manager - Strategy & Growth

'Trustpower and its people have always been well known for having a passion for customer service.

The role of the Business Solutions & Technology Division is to drive innovation, deliver change and ensure that our business processes and systems enable us to improve the lives of our customers and deliver on our business strategy.'
Simon Clarke
General Manager - Business Solutions & Technology

'Trustpower has earned the right to grow and prosper, through strong operational performance, continuous improvement and great execution of key projects. However, as the saying goes “you are only as good as your last performance”, so let’s expect the bar to continue to rise, and enjoy the challenge!'
Robert Farron
Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary